Heatless Habanero


Forget the scoville scale and get the habanero flavor you crave without the fire! This little pepper is fruit-forward with the absence of heat, so you can chop ‘em, bite ‘em and slice ‘em into all of your favorite snacks, sauces, and salsas.

  • How to Select

    Look for peppers with a rich, orange-reddish hue and a sturdy flesh.

  • How to Store

    Best when stored in a dry container in your refrigerator.

  • How to Prepare

    No heat means these are sweet and ready-to-eat! Feel free to enjoy heatless habaneros raw like you would a snacking pepper, but they are also great for making mild salsa and hot sauces. Pro-tip: we think they’re especially great when pickled!

  • Availability

    Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores in December and July.