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We take pride in what we grow. Explore our line of fresh, organic, products.

Fresh Herbs

Flavor, aroma and visual appeal – fresh herbs are the special ingredient that brings a dish alive.

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Fresh Microgreens

Small in size, big in flavor – fresh microgreens are the perfect ingredient to elevate any dish.

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Garnish a variety of recipes with these nutrient powerhouses and you’ll have a dish fit for a five star restaurant.

Specialty Vegetables

Badger Flame Beet

This flame-colored root isn’t your average beet! It was specifically bred with flavor in mind by Dr. Irwin Goldman at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His goal was to make a beet so sweet it could be eaten raw, and boy did he succeed! Check back for local and seasonal availability November-February in Arizona and August-October in New York!

Shishito Peppers

Holy Shishito, we love these peppers! They are often called roulette peppers because 1 in 10 can be somewhat spicy. These typically sweet peppers make a great snack or side dish especially when sauteed in your favorite spices!


So sorry to those who think this delicious and herbaceous ingredient tastes like soap. For those that are genetically lucky, we recommend adding cilantro microgreens to tacos, stir-fry dishes, and in your favorite ceviche recipes.

Kale Mix

The Kale Mix may be one of the most versatile blends in the microgreen lineup! From omelets and frittatas to soups and flatbreads, the kale mix can be used on several dishes for meals throughout the day!

Round Summer Squash

Did you know that summer squash can also be round? With a similar texture and flavor as zucchini, these little squash balls add a whole new frontier for culinary exploration. Try stuffing them, grilling them, and frying them to maximize their unique shape and reduced water content!


Rainbow Mix

Not only is the rainbow mix beautiful, but it tastes as good as it looks! One our favorite garnishes, salad toppers, and showstoppers!

Asian Greens

Spicy Mix


With the flavor and nutrient-density of its grown-up version (the broccoli crown), these microgreens go great on salads, in coleslaw, and atop your favorite dips!


Purple Tomatillo

Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores from late November to January and mid-May to July.
You might know the standard green tomatillo but have you ever tried a purple tomatillo?! These violet-colored vine fruit are sweeter than typical tomatillos and can add a unique color and flavor to your favorite salsas, sauces, and salads!

Heatless Habanero

Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores in December and July.
No fire, all flavor! This little pepper packs a punch without the burn. Great for snacking and for salsa!

Petite Beets

Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores from Mid-November to February.
A little beet that’s ready to eat!. Just top, wash and start snacking or add them to your favorite recipes. Be bold and cook with them in red and gold!

Badger Flame Beet

Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores from Mid-November to February and September to October.
This flame-colored beet is mild and sweet - unlike any beet you’ve ever tasted! The subtle flavor is less earthy, making these enjoyable raw or cooked!
Good food grown better

With decades of experience, finely-tuned farming techniques, and a multi-regional footprint we are able to provide premium-quality, fresh, organic produce consistently into markets nationwide.