Make Every Day Flavorful with Fresh, Organic Vegetables

Responsibly Grown Flavor

We take pride in what we grow. Explore our line of fresh, organic, sustainably-grown specialty vegetables.

Badger Flame Beet

This flame-colored root isn’t your average beet! It was specifically bred with flavor in mind by Dr. Irwin Goldman at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His goal was to make a beet so sweet it could be eaten raw, and boy did he succeed! Check back for local and seasonal availability November-February in Arizona and August-October in New York! 

Purple Tomatillo

You might know the standard green tomatillo but have you ever tried a purple tomatillo?! These violet-colored vine fruit are sweeter than typical tomatillos and can add a unique color and flavor to your favorite salsas, sauces, and salads! 

Shishito Peppers

Holy Shishito, we love these peppers! They are often called roulette peppers because 1 in 10 can be somewhat spicy. These typically sweet peppers make a great snack or side dish especially when sauteed in your favorite spices! 

Round Summer Squash

Did you know that summer squash can also be round? With a similar texture and flavor as zucchini, these little squash balls add a whole new frontier for culinary exploration. Try stuffing them, grilling them, and frying them to maximize their unique shape and reduced water content!