Make Every Day Flavorful with Fresh, Organic Herbs

mint package

Responsibly Grown Flavor

We take pride in what we grow. Explore our line of fresh, organic, sustainably-grown herbs.

Basil packaging


Basil grown by Duncan Family Farms tastes superior because it was grown responsibly. Our farming practices ensure that the products you buy are grown thoughtfully, intentionally, and offer you flavor and confidence.
Bay Leaves packaging

Bay Leaves

Infuse your culinary masterpieces with responsibly-grown flavor by adding fresh Bay Leaves from Duncan Family Farms.
Chervil packaging


Chervil grown by Duncan Family Farms is the ideal addition to your dishes. We carefully harvest our herbs so that you get a superior product with maximum flavor.
Chives packaging


Chives grown by Duncan Family Farms are certified Organic, and Sustainably Grown Certified. This means that you get incredible flavor and the highest quality from a team who takes care of the Earth.
Edible flowers packaging

Edible Flowers

The team at Duncan Family Farms grows and harvests the very best Edible Flowers by hand. These colorful flowers make a great responsibly-grown addition to drinks, desserts, salads, and more.
Lemongrass packaging


You will never have to second-guess where your Lemongrass comes from when it comes from Duncan Family Farms. Our team takes great pride in putting people, safety, and the environment first.
Marjoram packaging


For a taste of organic, sustainably grown flavor, choose fresh Marjoram from Duncan Family Farms. We take pride in providing you with responsibly-grown fresh produce, and we are confident in what we grow.
Mint packaging


Add a touch of brightness to drinks, desserts, sauces and more with fresh Mint grown by Duncan Family Farms. We farm using the latest technology to ensure that we are leaving the Earth better than we found it.
Oregano packaging


Fresh, organic, sustainably-grown Oregano from Duncan Family Farms was grown with care by our passionate team. Our fresh herbs are not only flavorful, but we grow them in a way that gives back to the soil instead of depleting it.
Poultry blend packaging

Poultry Blend

Our team has hand-selected the best tasting herbs that make poultry taste delicious. Choose the Poultry Blend from Duncan Family Farms to add a bit of responsibly-grown flavor to your dishes.
Rosemary packaging


Maximizing the flavor of Rosemary from Duncan Family Farms starts with our growing processes. Our farming techniques are intentional and thoughtful, which results in the safest produce available.
Sage packaging


Sage is an earthy, slightly peppery-tasting herb that adds a complex flavor palette to any dish. We grow our herbs in a way that allows their flavor to shine.
Sorrel packaging


Using Sorrel grown by Duncan Family Farms will add a vibrant green color and incredible flavor to salads, marinates, dressings, soups, and more. When herbs are grown thoughtfully by an experienced team, you can taste the difference.
Tarragon packaging


Our team is passionate about food, and we focus on growing the best Tarragon possible. We monitor and maintain water use and our soil health to ensure our products are available for generations to come. 
Thyme packaging


Thyme from Duncan Family Farms is superior in taste, aroma, and quality because of how we grow. Taste for yourself!