Make Every Day Flavorful with Fresh, Organic MIcrogreens

Responsibly Grown Flavor

We take pride in what we grow. Explore our line of fresh, organic, sustainably-grown microgreens.


These might be micro, but they are just as peppery as their full-grown arugula counterparts! Add them to pizza, avocado toast, or your favorite pasta dishes! 


With the flavor and nutrient-density of its grown-up version (the broccoli crown), these microgreens go great on salads, in coleslaw, and atop your favorite dips! 


So sorry to those who think this delicious and herbaceous ingredient tastes like soap. For those that are genetically lucky, we recommend adding cilantro microgreens to tacos, stir-fry dishes, and in your favorite ceviche recipes.  

Fiesta Blend

A vibrant mix of colorful, nutrient-packed young greens bursting with your favorite fiesta flavors of radish, cabbage, and cilantro. These microgreens add a gourmet touch to any dish. Whether topping salads, garnishing soups, or adding crunch to tacos and nachos alike, Fiesta Blend Microgreens offer a fresh, zesty flair that delights the senses.

Asian Greens

You have to check out this unique blend of microgreens! This is packed with your favorite Asian Greens like pak choi, tatsoi and mizuna

Kale Mix

The Kale Mix may be one of the most versatile blends in the microgreen lineup! From omelets and frittatas to soups and flatbreads, the kale mix can be used on several dishes for meals throughout the day! 

Rainbow Mix

Not only is the rainbow mix beautiful, but it tastes as good as it looks! One of our favorite garnishes, salad toppers, and showstoppers! 

Spicy Mix

Are you brave enough to try the spicy mix? This delicious blend is marked by the peppery goodness of arugula with the bold flavor of radish. Other greens are added to complement and soften this extreme flavor combination.