Purple Tomatillo


You might know the standard green tomatillo but have you ever tried a purple tomatillo?! These violet-colored vine fruit are sweeter than typical tomatillos and can add a unique color and flavor to your favorite salsas, sauces, and salads! 

  • How to Select

    Similar to a regular tomatillo, if a purple tomatillo is starting to come out of the outer husk, it’s ripe and ready! If you’re looking to purchase several days prior to use, select purple tomatillos with the husks fully intact and watch for the husk to begin falling away in the coming days to signal ripeness.

  • How to Store

    Purple tomatillos are best stored within their husks inside a small container in your refrigerator. Remove the husks just before preparing.

  • How to Prepare

    Wash the fruit after the husk has been removed before snacking or preparing. Purple tomatillos can be eaten raw or cooked as a base for your favorite salsas and sauces. Chop them or sauté over medium heat with your preferred cooking oil until softened, or boil or bake them to use in soups, stews and more.

  • Availability

    Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores from late November to January and mid-May to July.