Petite Beets

A little beet that’s ready to eat! Tastes just like the beets you know and love, but the smaller size makes these beets easier to store and prepare. Try mixing colors for added visual appeal when preparing your favorite salads and dishes featuring this tasty root vegetable.

  • How to Select

    Look for bunched beets with vibrant, firm, and unblemished skin. If you plan to cook the tops, find a bunch with healthy leaves and cook them as you would a chard. Petite beets may come in a variety of colors, including mixed red and gold bunches which make for an appealing presentation.

  • How to Store

    Beets prefer a humid environment so store them unwashed and loose in your crisper drawer. If you plan to use the roots and the tops, place the bunches inside a produce bag and then place inside the crisper drawer, use within the week.

  • How to Prepare

    Their petite size and shape makes them easy to prepare – just top ‘em and tail ‘em and then cook whole, similar to a regular beet, but with less messy cutting and prep. Once they are cooked the skin should easily slide off, but we encourage eating the skin for some extra fiber and less food waste! Add them to your favorite salads or veggie side dishes. You can roast, grill, or pickle them for more flavor! Pro-tip: Cooking the entire plant is not only good for your health, it also helps you do your part to reduce food waste, so don’t be afraid to cook the tops the same way you would cook a chard!

  • Availability

    Currently available in select Arizona Sprouts stores from Mid-November to February.