Microgreens – OLD

Garnish a variety of recipes with these nutrient powerhouses and you’ll have a dish fit for a five star restaurant.

Badger Flame Beet

This flame-colored beet is mild and sweet – unlike any beet you’ve ever tasted! The subtle flavor is less earthy, making these enjoyable raw or cooked!

Petite Beets

A little beet that’s ready to eat!. Just top, wash and start snacking or add them to your favorite recipes. Be bold and cook with them in red and gold!

Purple Tomatillo


You might know the standard green tomatillo but have you ever tried a purple tomatillo?! These violet-colored vine fruit are sweeter than typical tomatillos and can add a unique color and flavor to your favorite salsas, sauces, and salads!

Heatless Habanero


No fire, all flavor! This little pepper packs a punch without the burn. Great for snacking and for salsa!

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves packaging

Infuse your culinary masterpieces with responsibly-grown flavor by adding fresh Bay Leaves from Duncan Family Farms.


Mint packaging

Add a touch of brightness to drinks, desserts, sauces and more with fresh Mint grown by Duncan Family Farms. We farm using the latest technology to ensure that we are leaving the Earth better than we found it.